Top Picks for 5-6 Year-Olds
Toys and Games
  • Blocks and building sets - some with directions and some for free and creative building - can't say enough about what Legos, K'Nex, and simple wooden blocks do for developing thinking skills
  • Board Games with simple directives and that are of short duration but have some strategy to them
  • Spaces for creative play - building or painting large cardboard boxes, simple models, arts and crafts
  • Sports Equipment - bats and balls - large and small, jumping ropes, catching equipment (OgoSport), targeting a goal, playground play, and beginning team sports,
  • Swim lessons and water sports
  • Tech games with manipulatives - tangrams and games such as Osmo that have add-on packs for varied interests
  • Arts and Crafts for fine motor work - beading, lacing,  design copy, drawing, painting, and other works of art
  • Cooking tasks under supervision - helping with preparing a meal or dessert
  • Microscopes, cameras with interchangeable lenses or functions, or binoculars
  • Things they can take apart and put back together
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