Top Picks For 3-4 Year-Olds
Toys and Games
  • Reading an engaging story with an adult, not only teaches expanded vocabulary but also teaches children about the nuances of language including its effect on others.  
  • Obstacle courses over varied terrains, both outdoors and indoors - use sofa cushions and pillows or climbing and marching over grassy hills and sidewalks 
  • targeting games such as beanbag toss or something as simple as targeting straws to a water bottle help keep kids experimenting and exploring their impact on the world around them.
  • Legos™  and other creative building toys teach the grading of force and how to make a cohesive whole from parts.
  • Puzzles are invaluable at this age in learning about visual closure and orientation.
  • Beginning Arts and Craft projects allow for kids to test out media and its function.
  • Science Experiments - from items found on the internet such as Magic or Rainbow Milk to Elephant toothpaste under adult supervision
  • Music and movement Games - The Little Gym has excellent listening and movement games
  • Cooking activities especially treats or meal for the family
  • Beginning games that incorporate color, shapes, and position in space, i.e., Smart Games - Bunny Peek-a-boo or Cars help children learn to sequence and problem solve
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