Lipa Planets Launches into Space!

In the interactive book, Lipa Planets: Gods of the Solar System, Skipper – a most curious and adventuresome dog – takes us on a journey through the solar system to visit and speak with the planets. It serves to introduce little ones to the universe – where we live as well as being part of something larger. There is just enough information for kids to begin to make associations of the vastness of the cosmos, but not so much as to be overwhelming. The graphics are spot on and have a “Jetsons” vibe to them (the Jetsons were a space-age American cartoon family from years ago). In a similar but updated and hip style, the simplicity of Lipa Planets helps keep the focus on the story as there is a lot to discover and think about in this finely crafted app. One of the features I love is that when tapping on any of the hot links, it adds to a child’s experience rather than distract them from the story. And that is a difficult feat to accomplish within any app.

Inside the App

On opening, we meet Skipper, our loyal and trusty guide. He had always wanted to explore space as his Grandmother had done. He trained very hard and finally, all that work paid off. He was invited to explore and discover other planets and moons! Along the way, he discovers the names of the planets – as this was something he always wondered about. Tapping on the planet itself transforms the planet into a magical swirl of color that reveals the Roman God in all his regalia. He or she then shares the secrets of the characteristics of the planet and its name. Animations are kept brief – perfectly matching the attention span of the intended audience. I would have loved to get a little visual of all the moons orbiting each planet, just for scientific accuracy. The narration is a hoot and brings characterization to each individual planet. After visiting the last planet, Neptune, and before returning home, Lipa presents kids with a surprise animation of what makes the universe so awesome – and that is its vastness.

In Summary

I loved this little e-storybook, and feel it is one of Lipa Learnings finest. Kids responded well to Skipper and it was genius to keep Skipper at a dog’s level of functioning. While we were privy to Skipper’s thoughts, his main means of communication was a bark! The app itself is available for iOS and has a single IAP allowing parents to get a peek at whether the app would be of interest to their children. All Lipa learning apps are connected to their core curricula covering 8 essential areas of learning and growth to better prepare children for academic and personal success. Lipa Planets: Gods of the Solar System helps develop children in the areas of Academic Competence, Autonomic Capabilities, and Environmental Awareness. Check out their website for more details.

Extension Activities:


There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

Oct 26, 1999

by Tish Rabe and Aristides Ruiz

Toys and Games:

Rocket Ship Play Tent – Spaceship Playhouse with Bonus Space Torch Projector Toy

by USA Toyz

Indoor Tents are a great way for kids that are on sensory overload to chill and get reorganized.

Safari Ltd Space TOOB  With 10 Out Of-This-World Toy Figurines, Including 2 Astronauts, 1 Space Chimp, 6 Space Craft, And More!

By buying two sets of these wonderful TOOB toys, you can match and sort objects to extend challenges

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 Pieces), 2 x 3 feet

by Melissa & Doug

Floor puzzles are a great way to coordinate both sensory and movement systems in play. And there is nothing grander than a big puzzle on the floor that you made!

Disclosure: I do work for Lipa learning part time as a contractor in the Education Department – mainly editing curricula. This is where I was exposed to their suite of apps. My opinions are my own, and not influenced by others.

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