Grandma’s Beach Fun is released!

We’ve just gotten a look at Grandma’s Beach Fun, and the initial results are in – the kids love it! All the elements for summertime carefree days and time spent with Grandma are present. We will be back at with feedback from the kids soon. Get to know Grandma’s Beach Fun from the creators of this fine line of apps and get your feet wet!

Grandma’s Beach Fun Announcement From Fairlady Media:
Fairlady Media is proud to announce our newest app, Grandma’s Beach Fun – Sand, sun, water, & fireworks!
Join Grandma for fun in the sun! Choose rhyming words to cause airplane acrobatics, match up items under the umbrellas, go water skiing with Grandpa, solve some coconut math, create crazy beach art, find words in a puzzle, discover wildlife in a tide pool, and finish the day by creating a spectacular fireworks show! Along the way, you’ll learn about beach wildlife and water sports. Ages 5-9.
For those in the US: Grandma’s Beach Fun is a fantastic app for the week of July 4th… it has a spectacular multi-touch interactive fireworks show!
Kids love Grandma’s Beach Fun because they get to play with Grandma and Grandpa at the beach!
Parents and teachers love Grandma’s Beach Fun because it teaches math, literacy, science, and nature in a collection of fun beach games.
1. Beach gear. “Which items should we take to the beach?”
2. Airplane rhymes. “Which words rhyme with ‘coast’?”
3. Beach art. “Use the shells to create something wonderful!”
4. Umbrella matching. “Match up the items under the umbrellas!”
5. Coconut math. “Shake two palm trees to get 8 coconuts!”
6. Word find puzzle. “Find all the ocean words!”
7. Tide pool critters. “Can you find the sea cucumber?”
1. Waterskiing! “Tell Grandpa when to jump!”
2. Fireworks! “Create a spectacular show!”
3. Watch fascinating videos about beach wildlife and water sports, narrated by Grandma!
+ Math: addition through 12
+ Literacy: read, spell, and/or identify over 40 beach and ocean words, identify rhyming words
+ Life skills: beach wildlife awareness, healthy living through water sports
+ Creativity: use beach shells and debris to create original artwork, create a fireworks show
+ Memory, cause and effect
Grandma’s Beach Fun is the newest app in Fairlady Media’s collection of Grandma and Grandpa educational games for kids. It is live on the App Store now! 🙂
App description and screenshots: below and attached
Universal app; iOS9 required
Price: $2.99 USD

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