Let’s Create with iMake Ice Pops by Cubic Frog

In Cubic Frogs’ iMake Ice Pops kids get to try their hand at creating all sorts of yummy treats for everyone in the family. And what could be better on a hot summer’s day than making ice pops?  This app allows for complete autonomy for little ones to experiment with colors and shapes in a fun-filled activity because of its intuitive ease of navigation. In addition, for the parents of picky eaters or sensory sensitive kids, this app is a way to not only introduce the idea new foods and flavors through play but may also habituate a child enough to the notion of actually trying ice pops or the fruit itself.

Inside The App

On opening, kids can choose between three different styles of ice pops to make. A single ice pop, swirled pops, or double pops. Each section becomes a little more complex in demands and keeps the app fresh and inviting for repeat play. After a pop’s shape is decided upon, it’s time to fill it up with a wide variety of fruit flavors and a few standards such as chocolate and caramel. There are 18 different flavors to choose from, and the pops are filled realistically from the bottom up bringing in a subtle lesson on the qualities of spatial orientation and relationships with items within a toddler’s or preschooler’s environment. “When we pour liquids, they go to the bottom of the pop.” This may seem obvious to an older child or adult, but younger toddlers are often fascinated by these facts. For some, it may be their first experience with planning out a design – and how cool is that? Next, up is selecting a stick, be it plain or fancy. Then into the freezer, it goes! The wonderful display of the timer really hits a home run in teaching kids to wait. Waiting is a crucial skill for all of us and helps us to attune to the environment for information that we need to proceed. After the frozen treat is finished freezing, decorating can begin! Coatings, funny faces, candy and letters are awaiting for customizing the treats even more. Eating or sharing your treat with Mom, Dad or siblings can be done on a swing, at a picnic table or in the playroom! Sharing the pops is a way to introduce social skills by taking turns or making polite conversation. It is also a way to admire a child’s creation, and that makes the experience much grander! There is a surprise inside every pop to share with family and friends. I won’t reveal what it is…you’ll have to enjoy a pop or two to find out! If you own a Bluebee Pal – this is a fun activity for a tea party pay scheme.

Extension Activities:
  • To make Ice Pops at home, First list then “hunt” for ingredients at the grocery store or farmer’s market
  • Design fun and silly ice pops out of arts and crafts materials
  • Have an Ice Cream Social – dressing up and inviting friends

Adapted from the original post: https://www.bluebeepals.com/app-reviews/jo-app-reviews/have-fun-creating-with-cubic-frogs-imake-ice-pops/


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