Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilla and Francesca Cavallo for Timbuktu Labs is perhaps one of the most important non-fiction books in print for girls and boys everywhere. The book contains 100 life stories of courageous and visionary women from all walks of life and from different cultures. Not only is it inspirational, but it also serves as a document to the resiliency and dedication of Women Who Have Made a Difference to make our world a better place.

The Dedication from Book 1:

To the rebel girls of the world:

  • Dream bigger
  • Aim higher
  • And, when in doubt, remember
  • You are right.”

Yes, I am tearing up; this book is exquisite. The binding and paper used are thick with promise and an example of following your passion. It is both savory and sweet, and the perfect combination of a delicious meal. Frankly, this is a book of a lifetime, and one to be passed on from one generation to another.

Kids need to have role models – they need to see that dreams can be realized by everyday people. Rebel Girls not only showcases those women that have contributed to the understanding of human nature but also of the possibilities of how things will be or become. From mathematicians and athletes to reporters and scientists – we can hear their stories and learn from their obstacles and their success. Girls need to know they are acknowledged and respected. The illustrations are from an amazing and talented group of artists, and some are available as posters and postcards that call out to be framed.

This duo of extraordinary women that researched and wrote book 1 is now coming out with a sequel that is a must have if you know any girls in the throes of discovering their identities or need to explore the history of how capable they are in doing what drives them. Our girls need validation and the belief in their inherent capabilities. For more information…please visit their Kickstarter Page for the second edition. There are options to get the first and second book if you do not already own it.  And there are bonuses to expand on the word.

Love you Rebel Girls, and may you sleep well in your accomplishment of spreading the story of the abilities of everyone anywhere!  Available in hard copy and on iBooks – both recommended.

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