August has summer in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. New routines that are steeped in discovery and testing competencies are established. How high does the swing go? Can I collect ALL the Pokemon? What are these kind of rocks? August is the time to savor the sweetness of summer and is “National Family Fun Month“. It’s also “Kool-Aid Days” and “National Smile Week” for a reason – and that reason is long and languid moments of the pure joy of play.

  • Visit a Perennial Garden or Arboretum, and allow the kids to take pictures. When you’re home, show them quick and easy ways to edit the photos and print them up to make a collage or use the new app on iOS Clips to make a movie on the iPad® or iPhone® – complete with soundtrack!
  • Plants by Toca Labs is a marvelous way to experiment with the growth cycle of plants
  • Giving kids a chance to plan an event helps them learn to organize and prioritize. So, Plan a Picnic with the kids helping out with the meal planning and prepping as well as making a decision about the locale.
  • Sidewalk Chalkboard games such as hopscotch or 4-square can be introduced.
  • Play classic outdoor games such as Kick the Can,  Hide and Seek, Watching the Clouds for Designs or Pictures in the Sky.
  • Edoki Academy Code Karts is a gas of a way to learn sequence and directionality.
  • Some of the best toys for developing pretend play, as well as pre-scissor or bi-lateral skills, are the Cooking and BBQ Manipulatives from Melissa and Doug. My clients love to make scrumptious meals!
  • Building with Grandpa by Fairlady Media is great for kids that are crazy for construction trucks.
  • Spinlight’s Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo is a fantastic twist on a trip to the zoo. There are collectibles to gather on each play of the app.
  • Ocean by Marco Polo is a wonderful app to learn about the ocean for young children.






Anderson, Marlo August 04,2017

Photos:; Eric Bloemker

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