May celebrates the onset of new beginnings. It contains the hint of possibilities and of life yet to be.  The full moon in May was called “Thе Full Flоwеr Mооn, The Cоrn Plаntіng Mооn or thе Mіlk Mооn” by some Native Americans. May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are all part of celebrations and remembrances. Events such as the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500 are also held in May. It’s fun to participate in family and cultural celebrations, and we model respect by holding remembrances for loved ones gone. The following activities and apps that we have used for the month of May are as follows:


  • My Mom’s the Best, available as a book or on iOS devices. Read my review of the app by Snappyant for Bluebee Pals here.
  • Sensory bins filled with dirt for digging, planting, watering, and learning to make mud pies.
  • Plant some seeds in a pot and use some tools. Also the caretaking of a living plant is an awesome experience.
  • Matching and Sorting activities using a toy barn and animals. If you are able to buy some of the animals in a tube, try buying 2 packs for matching activities or pairs of mother and baby animals to increase the challenge
  • The book: I Spy on the Farm by Edward Gibbs, Brubaker, Ford & Friends (2012) was recommended to me from Angela Preston of Omazing Kids and what a gift that has been to the kids at school!
  • Piñatas teach the grading of force and coordinating your senses to hit a target. It also builds upper body strength and overall endurance. In addition, there is always a beginning, middle, and end to the activity that helps kids learn about temporal space. May times children view activities as endless and have a hard time completing tasks. Try it with and without a blindfold. Either way, Some Piñatas you can stuff yourself with fidget toys or other goodies rather than candy.
  • Visit a farm, a zoo, or local wildlife preserve to soak in the atmosphere and possibly glimpse some baby animals. If visiting a farm, you may be lucky to hear the farmer talk about planting his crops for the season.
  • Mother Goose Day is also on May First, and why not celebrate with the app Mother Goose Club from StoryToysIt’s available on iOS and Google Play
  • First8Studios has a wonderful new app – Wonder Farm and Plants Journal
  • Edoki – Montessori Nature (iOS) and GooglePlay



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