Toys and Games
  • Puzzlets – Teach coding in a fun scaffolded way! DigitalDreamLabLLC – Cork the Volcano is currently out and two new packs are available to reserve on Kickstarter. After the game Cork the Volcano - I cannot wait to see what is next. DDL knows how to incorporate fun and learning
  • Allow not only for individual space for reflection and creative thinking, but also for social activities such as girl scouts/boy scouts, extracurricular activities, and of course organized group sports and clubs
  • Give kids the opportunity to flex their executive functioning skills, with games such as Rush Hour or category games to improve organizational activities.
  • More complex models and Lego sets – using the ability to visualize and construct 3D models out of 2D directives
  • Again – more refined investigative toys – microscopes, chemistry sets, and telescopes
  • Scavenger Hunts with clues
  • Obstacle Courses or Hikes following a map
  • Book clubs
  • Family Game nights – playing cards or board games. Let the older children teach the younger ones how to play - allowing for the success of younger ones too.
  • Magic tricks and practical joke items
  • Touch Press Games All Access Pass is a fantastic way to play multiple educational Games that are truly fun and addictive – many are in a multiplayer mode to play with friends. Habitactics and Crafty Cut are my current faves.
  • The Foos - an award-winning game by Code Spark that teaches basic coding to build your own games
  • Pixel Press Technology - Bloxels is also a game creation app – working in pixels to create challenging game worlds
  • Math Doodles - Daren Carstens apps are totally addictive fun that teaches kids how to think in a logically organized manner. “Math is fun” is Mr. Carstens’ motto…and it is. There are 3 apps in this series - each one is a gem.
  • Artgig Studio always has fun up their sleeves with a series of apps mainly focusing on math, but also have fun language art apps in their suite. Mystery Math Museum and Marble Math to name a few.
  • Everything Machine is just one of many superior apps from Tinybop
  • Fablevision, Terc and Learning Games Network – Zoombinis app has been a favorite of our household since it was a computer. Seeing new generations play it has been thrilling.
  • The Numberlys – by Moonbot is extraordinary in all its forms - the app, book, and AR companion app
  • Demografix pty ltd – Ghost Type – a typing tutor to master your iPad typing skills
  • Building a whole universe packed full of learning opportunities, are the e-books by Eiry Rees Thomas on the FlitWits by Seldom Sea. There are 3 books in the series: The Funny Fair, A Ferry to Airy, and A Shine Show Shock


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